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At Bloom Performing Arts we combine acting, public speaking, debate, improvisation, creative movement, and critical thinking to form a one-of-a-kind performance practice that strengthens imagination, builds self-confidence, and awakens the artist within.


In order to bloom over time, we’ve created the iImagine Series: 7 signature performing arts classes for preschoolers to 8th graders.


  • iImagine Musical Movement: Preschool

  • iImagine Storytelling: K-2nd

  • iImagine Acting: 3rd-5th

  • iImagine Speech and Debate: 3rd-6th

  • iImagine Filmmaking: 6th-8th

  • iImagine Musical Theater: Scene into Song: 3rd-8th

  • iImagine Showtime: 3rd-8th


Each class is designed to bloom you into a higher level of performative work. In our popular ‘iImagine Storytelling’ and ‘iImagine Acting’ class we act out classic children’s fables and fairytales on stage with one-of-a-kind adaptations.


While we strive to help our students foster bravery and build self-confidence, we use creative dramatics to help students strengthen their reading comprehension and fluency, all while having fun! In addition to supporting our students with language, our improvisational games help our students to practice presence and groundedness. In return, our games aid in calming the nervous system and reducing anxiety.

Bloom Performing Arts classes are currently running in private school after-school programs throughout New York City, Northern New Jersey, Greenwich, Connecticut, and Savannah, Georgia.

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About Ashley

Ashley Morgan Bloom is a professional actress, a member of the Screen Actors Guild, and the founder and CEO of Bloom Performing Arts. Graduating from the University of Richmond with a Dual BA in Rhetoric & Communications and Theatre, Ashley has taught improvisation, acting, public speaking, creative movement, and speech & debate in New York City’s top private schools for the past ten years.


Ashley's programs are deeply influenced by Viola Spolin, who is widely considered the "mother of improvisational theater". Born in Chicago in 1906, Viola Spolin was an educator, performer, and innovator of theater arts. Spolin designed her theater games to make actors feel grounded and safe in the present moment. Many of her improvisational exercises encourage freedom of expression and discourage self-consciousness, thus enabling actors to fearlessly explore and invent onstage.


In Ashley's acting work, she's played a supporting role in a Sundance official selection film, was a New York Times top ten show leading actress, and most recently premiered the film “Alex, Stop,” in Los Angeles this past July, where Ashley plays the leading actress. Last year, Ashley made her Guest Star debut on Law & Order SVU, Season 21. In the past 7 months, Ashley has been pinned for the TV Show New Amsterdam 5 times! In 2023 Ashley has three films hitting the film festival circuit; stay tuned for festival announcements! 

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