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See what everyone has to say about our amazing 

Bloom Performing Arts Program

Kenya A Campbell

Family Resource Center Program Manager, Manny Cantor Center

iImagine Musical Movement has been a wonderful addition to our caregiver and me programming at the Parenting Center@MCC! Offering this class to our diverse community on the Lower East Side brings families from all walks of life together to experience the joy of music, dance, and creativity. The energetic facilitators connect with caregivers and children in meaningful ways making the experience engaging and joyful.

Denise, Yonkers, NY

Parent to 9-year-old

Words can not truly express how life-changing each Bloom Performing Arts class has been for my daughter. She loves taking Ashley's classes. It has been truly life-changing. I have seen the growth instantly in my daughter's confidence, how she expresses herself, public speaking, debate, and improvising. She is now able to tap into her imagination more. Bloom Performing Arts classes have allowed her to be brave when adjusting to different acting roles. My daughter looks forward to attending class because it's not all about work, they also have lots of fun. Ashley is not only a great teacher but has become our friend and more like family. I highly recommend Bloom Performing Arts classes. Thank you to all the staff for the amazing work you do!

Seth Goldberg

Director of Afterschool Programs & Summer Coordinator, Trinity School 

"We love working with Ashley and her team. Our students come alive in our Storytelling class      with passion, creativity, and of course, FUN!!!"

Dana Haddad, NY

Parent to 8-year-old

“My daughter absolutely adores the classes that Bloom Performing Arts offers! Ashley’s program is engaging, fun, and offers so many creative opportunities for children. Her love for her work always shines through and her positive energy is simply contagious! I know we are so fortunate to be able to work with Ashley and her team, and I would whole-heartedly recommend Bloom Performing Arts to any family.”

Princess, NY

Parent to 8-year-old

“My 8 y/o daughter initially had a challenging time with the remote learning platforms that were required in response to COVID-19.  At the encouragement of her classroom teachers, we sought out a remote learning environment that would be fun and engaging so that she could develop comfort and confidence when she was participating in virtual learning spaces.  I enrolled my daughter in a Speech and Debate course provided by Bloom Performing Arts with Ashley Bloom, and it was the perfect fit.  My daughter would rush to log on, eager to participate in the fun and engaging activities that Ashley offered.  Through Ashley’s perfect combination of support and encouragement, while simultaneously knowing when to allow my daughter a brief moment to just observe and process, my daughter developed confidence and comfort that was also observed in her primary virtual classroom.  We are so appreciative of Ashley and Bloom Performing Arts!”

Brian Tong, NY

Parent to 6-year-old

“My son Noah has been taking iImagine classes with Ashley and her remarkable team at Bloom Performing Arts since April of last year.  Initially, we didn’t know what to expect and how well our then five-year-old would react to more screen time after a full day of remote learning.  To say that the classes exceeded our expectations would be an understatement — they were unlike any other zoom class Noah had tried.  Noah was an active and enthusiastic participant in the creative storytelling, idea sharing and interactive games that left him smiling and giggling throughout.  Ashley and her team have a knack for connecting with their students and helping them tap into their creative side, all while helping them to build self-confidence and develop as individuals.  We have been so pleased with Bloom Performing Arts and would recommend them to anyone without hesitation.”

Dory Kurowski, NJ

Parent to 10-year-old

“My son was planning on taking in-person performing arts classes before COVID hit.  We were so excited to take the Storytelling class, then so disappointed when in-person enrichment classes were canceled at school.  After all plays and performances were canceled for the year, we then were on a roller coaster of emotions back upward when we learned that Ashley would still be hosting drop-in classes from week to week for my son’s age group.  However, we had been going through a difficult “Zoom Fatigue” period and I was trying to temper my enthusiasm on how it would all work out.  Well, classes with Ashley over exceeded my expectations!  Each week, I couldn’t get over her amazing enthusiasm, positive attitude, and creativity during each class, either when it was in a group or solo format.  She gives my son something to look forward to each week.  It’s the only class he did not get “Zoom Fatigue” from.  Besides this, Ashley’s improv play exercises were perfect to engage my son – he often would practice the exercises on his own during the rest of the week and always had a story to tell after class about the stories they created!  He learned how to impersonate, channel energy to characters, and improvise, all from class with Ashley.  Another gem that came out of classes was conducting mock debate sessions over various opinions – my son loved this and it’s a treat to have him practice this skill in a fun class.  My son became so inspired by the classes that he wound up creating three movie trailers that he edited and acted in.  He has continued his enthusiasm for this and creates these files with the hope to show Ashely for her feedback and critique! In short, Ashley, we can’t thank you enough for all of the following:  1) teaching our son fundamental improv/acting exercises and techniques 2) consistently showing up and giving my son hope and something to look forward to during COVID, and 3) being a great mentor!  Thank you, and we look forward to continuing classes!”

Dr. Cristina Melendez, NY

Parent to 8-year-old

“Ashley’s classes are simply magnificent! Virtual anything has been an adjustment for everyone, but classes with Bloom Performing Arts warmed up our whole house. I was able to see my daughter smiling, laughing, and fully engaged.  Ashley’s classes were so well planned and managed that my daughter felt like she was physically in class. As an educator with almost 2 decades of experience,  I am extremely critical of some of the online experiences offered and the promises they make, but with Bloom Performing Arts there is no need to worry. My daughter learned real debate skills and developed her speaking and listening skills that are an essential foundation to reading and writing. I have seen such great improvements thanks to Bloom Performing Arts!  There is not a moment wasted regarding engagement and learning. I can not recommend them enough!”

Keeniun Brumskill, NY

After-School Programmer, Ethical Culture Fieldston

“Speech and Debate with Bloom Performing Arts is one of the most popular programs we offer. Ashley Bloom has an amazing ability to connect with our middle and lower school children. Ashley is always on time to prepare the classroom for her students. She instructs with passion, energy, and clearly takes joy in seeing their skill development. The children gain self-confidence as they learn to express themselves, research, and flex their analytical muscles. We enjoy having Bloom Performing Arts work with our students.”

Amanda Dillon, NJ

Upper School Division Head, All Saints Episcopal Day School

"Ashley and her team at Bloom Performing Arts are responsive, creative, and reliable. They generate great enthusiasm for performance in our students and provide regular communications regarding rehearsals and progress. They also have consistently worked to grow our program, involving our younger students in an ensemble role for our musicals, inviting older students to participate backstage, and coordinating with our art club to create props for the shows. Their flexibility and openness are hallmarks of the program. The performances have been excellent, professional showcases of our students and their talents. We are thrilled to have an ongoing partnership with Bloom!"

Bloom Performing Arts Article

Actor teaches Bronx kids about debate, public speaking, and improv - By Jason Cohen
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